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An unofficial 2002 set of First Circuit civil instructions (last updated in 2011-12) regarding employment discrimination, excessive force, maritime employee personal injury, and railroad employee personal injury are posted on the Maine District Court Web site. They are "are no longer updated." First Circuit criminal instructions adopted in 1997 no longer appear on the First Circuit Web site. But, starting in 2010, an updated copy of those instructions and annotations has been posted (and regularly updated by Chief District Judge Nancy Torresenon) on the Maine District Court site. The last update was October 24, 2018.
The Second Circuit does not have pattern instructions.
The Third Circuit has official civil (updated 4/2019) and criminal (updated 10/2017) model jury instructions.
The Fourth Circuit does not have official pattern instructions. However, former AUSA Eric Wm. Ruschky is the author of a set of regularly updated Fourth Circuit criminal instructions and annotations, Pattern Jury Instructions for Federal Criminal Cases, District of South Carolina. The current (March 13, 2018) version is posted on the District of South Carolina Web site. Former U.S. Magistrate Judge Carl Horn's Federal Criminal Jury Instructions for the Fourth Circuit are also widely used, but are not posted on the Internet.
The Fifth Circuit has official civil (updated 10/20/16) and criminal (updated 2016) pattern jury instructions.
The Sixth Circuit has official criminal (updated 1/2019) (but not civil) pattern jury instructions.
The Seventh Circuit has official civil (updated 08/2017) and  criminal (updated 2018) pattern jury instructions.
The Eighth Circuit has official civil (updated 2018) and criminal (updated 2017) (including death penalty) model instructions.
The Ninth Circuit has official civil (updated 4/2019) and criminal (updated 4/2019) model instructions. Oddly. these instructions will not show up using a normal Google search; you have to use Bing or Yahoo, or use the search box on the site.
The Tenth Circuit has official criminal (updated 2/2018), (but not civil) pattern jury instructions.
The Eleventh Circuit has official civil (updated 1/2019) and criminal (updated 1/2019) pattern jury instructions.
The District of Columbia does not have official pattern jury instructions. Lexis sells Standardized Civil Jury Instructions for the District of Columbia ("blue book") and Criminal Jury Instructions for the District of Columbia ("red book").
The Federal Judicial Conference subcommittee drafted a set of jury instructions in 1982 that were revised in 1987, but have not been revised since then. The subcommittee that drafted them no longer exists, and there are no plans for a new edition. The 1987 revised version is posted on the Federal Judicial Center Web site for "historical interest."

state pattern instructions

Some of the instructions linked below are unofficial or behind pay walls. Where available, the links are to the free versions.
Alabama (civil and criminal) | Alaska (civil and criminal)
Arizona (civil and criminal) | Arkansas (civil and criminal)
California (civil and criminal) | Colorado (civil and criminal)
Connecticut (civil and criminal) | Delaware (civil and criminal)
Florida (civil and criminal) | Georgia (civil and criminal on westlaw)
Hawaii (civil and criminal) | Idaho (civil and criminal)
Illinois (civil and criminal) | Indiana (civil and criminal)
Iowa (member login) | Kansas (member login)
Kentucky (civil and criminal on lexis) | Louisiana (civil) (criminal on westlaw)
Maine (civil and criminal on lexis)
Maryland (civil from the MSBA, and criminal from lexis)
Massachusetts (civil from MCLE) (crim) | Michigan (civil and crim)
Mississippi (civil and crim) | Missouri (member login)
Minnesota (civil and crim on westlaw) | Montana (crim) (SBM)
Nebraska (civil and crim on westlaw) | Nevada (civil)
New Hampshire (crim) (civil from lexis) | New Jersey (civil) (crim)
New Mexico (crim) (civil on westlaw) | New York (crim) (civil on westlaw)
North Carolina (civil and crim) | North Dakota (civil and crim)
Ohio (civil and crim on westlaw) | Oklahoma (civil, criminal, and juvenile)
Oregon (civil and crim on westlaw)
Pennsylvania (civil and crim on westlaw)
Rhode Island (out of print?) | South Carolina (civil and crim on westlaw)
Utah (civil and crim) | Vermont (civil) (crim)
Virginia (civil and crim on westlaw) | Washington (civil and crim)
West Virginia (public defender crim) (court civil)
Wisconsin (civil and criminal on fastcase) | Wyoming (WSB)
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