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August 2019
Sixth Circuit updates to its criminal instructions include a Rehaif element for § 922(g)
Foreperson or presiding juror?
A roundup of recent additions and revisions to state jury instructions
District court clarifies the Rehaif mens rea requirement
Prisoners with prior § 2255s are barred from raising Rehaif claims in the Eleventh Circuit
First Circuit unofficial criminal instructions now include a Rehaif fix for § 922(g) (and a new instruction for § 922(j))
New edition of Pattern Jury Instructions for Federal Criminal Cases, District of South Carolina

July 2019
Recent noteworthy Rehaif cases
D.C. Circuit holds that a Rehaif claim is waived by an unconditional guilty plea
Eighth Circuit comment on federal program bribery needs an update
June Ninth Circuit revisions to Model Criminal Instructions flag Rehaif issues
June revisions to the Ninth Circuit Model Civil Instructions
The circuit split over the § 2255(e) "saving clause"

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