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  • 360 FEDERAL CRIMES (2020) is a 550 page field guide to the most commonly charged federal crimes. Authoritative and thoroughly indexed.
  • A DETECTIVE'S GUIDE TO INTERROGATION LAW (2020) is a complete manual on the law of interrogation written for law enforcement officers. It covers—in plain language, and with illustrative case examples—every important legal principle.

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    September 2020
    "May 2020" Ninth Circuit revisions to its Manual of Model Civil Jury Instructions
    Some notes regarding the 2020 Seventh Circuit criminal instructions
    The Kindle version of A DETECTIVE'S GUIDE TO INTERROGATION LAW is free this week!
    New edition of the Seventh Circuit criminal instructions

    August 2020
    A Detective's Guide to Interrogation Law
    Things are quiet here because ...

    June 2020
    The Supreme Court did the right thing on qualified immunity
    An update on the 360 FEDERAL CRIMES promotion
    The Kindle version of 360 FEDERAL CRIMES is FREE for the next three days!

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