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February 2020
Ninth Circuit December 2019 revisions to its Model Civil Jury Instructions

January 2020
Seventh Circuit's § 922(g) revisions go official
Ninth Circuit adds a post-discharge instruction and modifies the mens rea element for § 2422(b)
One more note about § 1956(8)(B)
An error in the Fifth Circuit instructions regarding "child pornography"?

December 2019
That's it for the state roundups
Roundup part two—state instructions on Westlaw
A roundup of recent additions and revisions to state jury instructions
Ninth Circuit December 2019 revisions to its Model Criminal Jury Instructions
Seventh Circuit's proposed Rehaif instruction applies mens rea to other paragraphs of § 922(g)
Law "infographics"
Tweaked the USC index pages
SCOTUSblog predicts win for Banister
Arguments in Banister set for Wednesday
Bribery 101

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