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As a preview, here are some legal tools that will be on the site when it officially launches next year. They are step by step guidances and flow charts that spot issues and identify applicable rules and key cases: ADA employment discrimination | admissibility of documents | character evidence | lawful interrogation | retroactivity | warrantless searches of automobiles.

Also, you can use the links below to browse or full text search every official federal and state pattern jury instruction posted on the Internet.

federal third circuit (civil) (criminal) | fifth (civil and criminal)
sixth (criminal) | seventh (civil and criminal) | eighth ( civil and criminal)
ninth (civil and criminal) | tenth (criminal) | eleventh (civil and criminal)

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state Alaska (civil) (criminal) | Arizona (civil) (criminal)
Arkansas (civil) (criminal) | California (civil and criminal) | Colorado (criminal)
Connecticut (civil) (criminal) | Delaware (civil) (criminal)
Florida (civil) (criminal) | Georgia (civil) ( criminal) | Hawaii (civil and criminal)
Idaho (civil) (criminal) (death penalty) | Illinois (civil) (criminal)
Massachusetts (criminal) | Michigan (civil) (criminal) | Montana (criminal)
New Jersey (civil and criminal) | New York (criminal)
Oklahoma (civil, criminal, and juvenile) | Utah (civil and criminal)
Vermont (civil) (criminal) | Washington (civil and criminal)
West Virginia (criminal)

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much more coming with the official launch in 2019!

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