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Trialdex has the most powerful and up-to-date collection of jury instruction tools on the Internet.

Jury instructions are a lawyer's most important resource, and must be consulted at the earliest point in litigation. This site makes it easy to find and compare instructions inside and outside your circuit or state.

Trialdex also offers litigation tools, a series of questions and answers that walk you through complex legal problems, and are accompanied by flowcharts. Once again, a good place to start your legal research.

There is a much more detailed explanation of this on the trialdex FAQ page.

about the author

photo Ed Hagen was an Assistant Director at the United States Department of Justice Office of Legal Education from 1995 until his retirement in 2018. Before that he was a state prosecutor and adjunct law professor.

He is the co-author of Law of Confessions (Thomson Reuters) and The Prosecution Function (Lexington Books).

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