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A roundup of recent additions and revisions to state jury instructions

The California Criminal Jury Instructions Resource Center has posted a 2019 Supplement to its 2019 instructions ("CALCRIM"). "This Supplement of CALCRIM includes all of the revised Judicial Council of California Criminal Jury Instructions approved by the Judicial Council of California at its September 2019 meeting."

On June 6, 2019, the Supreme Court of Florida issued a per curiam opinion authorizing new and amended standard instructions amending standard criminal jury instructions 3.6(a) (Insanity), 3.6(e)(1) (Involuntary Intoxication Negating Specific Intent), 3.6(e)(2) (Involuntary Intoxication Resulting in Insanity), and 3.6(j) (Entrapment), and creating two new instructions, 3.14 (Scoresheet Findings), and 7.7(c) (Assisted Self-Murder). The changes are discussed in the opinion.

In October 2019 Michigan amended the following Model Civil Jury Instructions:

  • 97.01 (Preliminary Instructions to Prospective Jurors)
  • 97.13 (Judging Credibility and Weight of Evidence)
  • 97.19 (Jurors Not to Discuss Case)
  • 97.33 (Witnesses-Credibility)
  • 97.35 (Statutory Grounds)
  • 97.36 (Definitions)
  • 171.02 (Mental Illness: Involuntary Treatment—Elements and Burden of Proof)

Prior copies of these instructions are archived here.

The Vermont Bar Association's criminal instructions notes:

  • New instruction CR03-061 (Partial Rule 29 Dismissal) (10-22-19), "for situations where one or more charges have been dismissed pursuant to a V.R.Cr.P. 29(a) motion for judgment of acquittal, but where other charges remain for the jury's consideration."
  • Revised DUII instructions (9/20/19).

Prior copies of these instructions are archived here.


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