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That's it for the state roundups

One of the goals for this site was to keep track of changes to all of the jury instructions, state and federal. This has been easy enough to do with the federal instructions, but monitoring state instructions has been problematic.

Most state instructions are posted on the Internet, and it has been easy enough to monitor those sites. Many instruction sets that are not on the Internet are on Westlaw, and those sets can, at best, be checked once a year for changes (see below). But there are also many sets parked on Lexis (I don't have a Lexis account) or behind state bar pay walls, and I can't check those at all.

After trying to monitor state instructions for the better part of a year, I have become convinced that the effort is quixotic, and may create the impression that the coverage is more reliable than it is (it is a bit labor intensive as well). So I have decided to stop doing it.

There is still considerable coverage of state instructions on the site, including a comprehensive links page and Internet search boxes. So if you are researching state jury instructions, this is still a useful site.

I will continue to monitor the federal sites (which are all on the Internet), report any changes in this blog, and send out jury instruction email alerts to folks who have signed up for them.

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