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Fifth Circuit instructions in limbo?

[02/19/20 update: The links are fixed now]

All of my Fifth Circuit instruction links have gone 404, as has the link to the instructions at the Fifth Circuit Web site. A google search for "fifth circuit jury instructions" turns up an entry captioned "Fifth Circuit Criminal Jury Instructions (2019)," which is also a bad link. Did some other search tricks not worth describing here, but could not bring them up. I assuming that the previous (2015) criminal set was replaced with a 2019 set, and that that set was later removed for some reason, along with the current civil set.

The earlier editions of these instructions are available on the Internet archive and Westlaw. I called the court clerk's office and left a message, but this is the weekend, so I don't expect to learn anything soon. In the meantime, I'll rewrite my Fifth Circuit links so that they go to this blog post.

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