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Supreme Court opines on car stops and age discrimination

The Supreme Court issued two decisions this morning:

  • In Kansas v. Glover, No. 18-556 (U.S. Apr. 6, 2020), the Court upheld a traffic stop initiated after the officer ran a records check on the license plate and learned that the registered owner had a revoked driver’s license. "We hold that when the officer lacks information negating an inference that the owner is the driver of the vehicle, the stop is reasonable."

  • In Babb v.Wilkie, No. 18-882 (U.S. Apr. 6, 2020), the Court held that some remedies of the federal-sector provision of the ADEA do not require that age was a "but-for cause" of the adverse decision. We briefly discussed a decision last month with a similar issue, Comcast v. National Association of African American-Owned Media; the different outcomes were based on different statutory language.

We are updating the trialdex ADA employment discrimination and automobile searches litigation tools to note these two case. They don't affect these tools in a substantive way, however.

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