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An update on the 360 FEDERAL CRIMES promotion

I have been posting lately about the trials and travails of self publishing on Amazon KDP:

I am going to continue doing this for the benefit of others thinking of doing the same thing. The topic of 21st century legal publishing is very interesting, and I am happy to chat about it by email, too. For those of you picking up this discussion based on a google search, welcome to the site.

As previously noted, I decided to give away the ebook for three days for two reasons: 1) to generate some reviews, and 2) to sell some of the paperbacks. I ended up with about 375 downloads, generated one review, and sold nine paperbacks. I'm happy with the download and paperback numbers, but a bit disappointed about the lack of reviews. If you downloaded the book, and are reading this, please give me a review on the Amazon page!

The next step is to mail out some review copies of the paperback. I have some folks in mind, but if you have a Web site that does book reviews, and want a review copy, please email me.

I'm also thinking of spending some of my royalties on advertising. Amazon KDP has some low cost options that I am interested in trying, but I need to study them a bit more. I'll post about that, too.

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