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99 cent sale on the Detective's Guide to Interrogation Law

Sales have picked up a bit on the Detective's Guide. Some good reviews and word of mouth, I think. Nevertheless, I would like to give it a bit more visibility. So, starting Monday morning (February 22) the kindle version of the book goes on a one-week sale for 99 cents, a big discount from the regular price of $2.99. Please pass the word on this along to police and prosecutors you know.

I also send out free review copies of the paperback edition of the Detective's Guide (and 360 Federal Crimes) to folks with a blog or similar Internet presence who are willing to read and review the books. Email me if you are interested.

Here's a description of the Detective's Guide from Amazon:

    A Detective’s Guide to Interrogation Law is the most complete and authoritative manual on the law of interrogation ever written for law enforcement officers. It covers—in plain language, and with illustrative case examples—every important legal principle.

    Use it to solve real world problems like this:
  • Compelling suspects to unlock computer and cell phone passcodes
  • The difference between Garrity and Kalkines warnings, and how to use them while questioning public employees
  • Admissibility of admissions made by prisoners, probationers, or parolees as part of a treatment or rehabilitation program
  • The admissibility of a defendant’s silence when accused of a crime
  • Things an officer can say and do to avoid a finding of Miranda custody
  • Questioning prison and jail inmates without Miranda warnings
  • The application of the Miranda rule to questioning at borders or airports
  • Obtaining Miranda waivers from uncooperative suspects
  • How to lawfully question suspects who have invoked their Miranda rights
  • What officers should do when defendants change their minds about invoking Miranda rights
  • Questioning suspects who have been formally charged or who have attorneys
  • How to manage jailhouse informants
  • How to work with prosecutors on investigations without creating ethical problems for them
  • Tactics for addressing insanity and diminished intent issues
  • Your obligation to advise foreign nationals of their consular notification rights
  • Working with foreign police officers in foreign countries.

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