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Revised reporter's notes from Vermont

The Vermont Model Criminal Jury Instructions site notes that the following changes to the reporter's notes occurred last week:

  • The Committee has revamped and expanded the reporter’s note for the hung jury (“Allen” ) charge. The expanded note incorporates discussion from State v. Rolls, 2020 VT 18, ¶¶ 13–20.
  • The Committee has revised the reporter’s note accompanying the transition instructions, which appear on multiple pages on this website, to add a reference to State v. Rolls, 2020 VT 18, ¶ 9 (trial court did not err in providing both hard and soft transition instructions, rather than one or the other, in the absence of defendant’s request).
  • The Committee has added a reference to State v. Kandzior, 2020 VT 37, ¶ 27 (“the failure to investigate possible jury taint and establish an evidentiary basis for determining if the jury was fair and unbiased amounts to plain error”) to the reporter’s notes accompanying the juror prohibition instructions.

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