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Jury instruction news from California and Wisconsin

The Web site of California's Criminal Jury Instructions Resource Center now links the 2021 edition of CALCRIM, California's criminal jury instructions. There are two new instructions, 768 (Penalty Trial: Pre-Deliberation Instructions), and 1927 (Possession of Counterfeiting Equipment). Former No. 3220 (Amount of Loss) has been revoked. Revised instructions include:

  • Posttrial Introductory
  • 202. Note-Taking and Reading Back of Testimony
  • 222. Evidence
  • 520. First or Second Degree Murder With Malice Aforethought
  • 591. Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated—Ordinary Negligence
  • 730. Special Circumstances: Murder in Commission of Felony
  • 763. Death Penalty: Factors to Consider—Not Identified as Aggravating or Mitigating
  • 1140. Distributing, Sending, or Exhibiting Harmful Material
  • 1151. Pandering
  • 1193. Testimony on Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome
  • 1202. Kidnapping: For Ransom, Reward, Extortion or to Exact From Another Person
  • 1820. Felony Unlawful Taking or Driving of Vehicle
  • 2044. False Personation
  • 2520. Carrying Concealed Firearm on Person
  • 2521. Carrying Concealed Firearm Within Vehicle
  • 2522. Carrying Concealed Firearm: Caused to Be Carried Within Vehicle
  • 2624. Threatening a Witness After Testimony or Information Given
  • 2651. Trying to Prevent an Executive Officer From Performing Duty

The prior version is archived here.

Wisconsin's civil, criminal, and "children" jury instructions, created and edited by the Wisconsin Jury Instructions Committees of the Wisconsin Judicial Conference, are now posted on the Wisconsin State Law Library Web site. I believe that they were previously only available on non-public sites like fastcase.

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