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Ninth Circuit posts May 2023 revisions to its Model Civil Instructions

The Ninth Circuit has posted the May 2023 revisions to its Model Civil Instructions. The changes were as follows:

  • The Comment to Instruction 9.10 (Particular Rights—First Amendment—Public Employees—Speaking as a Private Citizen) now cites Sullivan v. Univ. of Wash., 60 F.4th 574, 581-82 (9th Cir. 2023) (holding that the First Amendment right of expressive association did not protect the work of committee members individually or collectively when they were appointed to serve a public function and their work fell within the scope of their official duties on a university committee).
  • Section II.B.2 of the Comment to Instruction 9.32 (Particular Rights—Fourteenth Amendment—Due Process—Interference with Parent/Child Relationship) now notes that the "Ninth Circuit has clarified that 'the only two exceptions to the general rule against failure-to-act liability for § 1983 claims presently recognized by this court are the special-relationship exception and the state-created danger exception,' and 'the mere failure to perform a legally required act is [not] grounds for § 1983 liability based on a substantive due process violation,'" citing Murguia v. Langdon, 61 F.4th 1096, 1108 (9th Cir. 2023).
  • The Comment to Instruction 9.33B (Particular Rights—Fourteenth Amendment—Due Process—State-Created Danger) now cites Murguia.
  • The Introductory Comment to Chapter 10 (CIVIL RIGHTS—TITLE VII—EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION; HARASSMENT; RETALIATION) (under Organization of Instructions) now cites a number of cases supporting the proposition that "[I]n many instances, instructions for a disparate-impact claim under Title VII may be made with minor alterations to the instruction for a disparate impact claim under the ADEA."
  • The Comments to Instructions 18.1 (Securities—Definitions of Recurring Terms) and 18.5 (Securities—Knowingly) now cite Glazer Cap. Mgmt., L.P. v. Forescout Techs., Inc., 63 F.4th 747 (9th Cir. 2023).

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