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Hello world (01/07/19)

The federal jury instruction index is working now (03/08/19)

Stats and broken links (03/09/19)

Sixth Circuit criminal instruction revisions address inferences, Old Chief, drug conspiracies (03/10/19)

Ninth Circuit civil instructions revised to add two new ADA instructions, and update civil rights, copyright, and securities instructions (03/11/19)

Some notes about the federal jury instruction index (03/14/19)

The search boxes (03/15/19)

Ninth Circuit criminal changes include clerical changes to attempt instructions, other minor changes (03/20/19)

Eleventh Circuit revises its adverse employment claims instructions (03/25/19)

Eleventh Circuit focuses on mens rea issues, and adds a new health care fraud instruction (03/26/19)

2019 updates to state jury instructions (03/27/19)

First Circuit unofficial instructions (03/29/19)

Some progress with the search boxes (03/30/19)

Extensive Ninth Circuit criminal revisions include a new position on eyewitness identifications, and adds Brady/Giglio and entrapment by estoppel instructions (04/07/19)

Third Circuit revises its ADA instructions (04/08/19)

Ninth Circuit adds three case notes to its civil instructions (04/09/19)

sitemap xml (04/10/19)

mobile version (04/15/19)

Seventh Circuit "2018" criminal revisions (04/18/19)

What is the potential impact of Rehaif? (04/22/19)

Welcome SCOTUSblog readers (04/23/19)

Beta testing is over; the site goes live today (04/24/19)

Welcome LawSites readers (04/26/19)

What is the potential retroactive effect of Rehaif? (04/26/19)

Arizona Civil Jury Instruction Committee adopts a spoliation instruction (04/27/19)

Florida definition of weapons instruction is under review (04/27/19)

Trialdex gets noted on beSpacific, Stanford Law Library Blog, and the Law Librarian Blog (04/28/19)

First Circuit unofficial criminal revisions (04/29/19)

Triadex gets another SCOTUSBlog roundup link (04/29/19)

Reflections after the first week (05/01/19)

Telfaire instructions (05/04/19)

Food stamp fraud (05/06/19)

Decoding mens rea (05/07/19)

Massachusetts revises its preliminary criminal instructions (05/08/19)

Alaska revises its eminent domain instructions (05/08/19)

Bringing aliens to the United States other than at a designated port of entry (05/13/19)

Alien smuggling crimes (05/15/19)

Transporting illegal aliens—"reckless disregard" (05/17/19)

Harboring illegal aliensa>/ (/ Encouraging illegal entry (05/20/19)

One month in (05/22/19)

Almendarez-Torres and immigration crimes (05/24/19)

Official restraint (05/26/19)

YouTube (05/30/19)

Accomplice liability (06/01/19)

Federal attempt crimes (06/10/19)

Did the Eighth Circuit err in a bankruptcy fraud instruction? (06/12/19)

Special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States (06/19/19)

New and revised civil jury instructions from California (06/20/19)

Government loses in Rehaif; must prove knowledge of status in § 922(g) cases (06/21/19)

Colorado Criminal Reporter's Online Update (06/25/19)

Connecticut adopts an "implicit bias" instruction, and revises payment card instructions (06/25/19)

Michigan defines proximate cause, updates No-Fault First-Party Benefits Action instruction (06/25/19)

Michigan revises criminal child abuse, adds perjury instruction (06/25/19)

Illinois revises three homicide instructions (06/25/19)

Vermont revises its criminal trespass instruction (06/28/19)

New Jersey describes eight recent changes to its civil instructions (06/28/19)

New and revised New York criminal instructions (06/28/19)

The circuit split over the § 2255(e) "saving clause" (07/02/19)

Updated the Rehaif pipeline post (07/04/19)

June revisions to the Ninth Circuit Model Civil Instructions (07/08/19)

June Ninth Circuit revisions to Model Criminal Instructions flag Rehaif issues (07/08/19)

The trialdex federal jury instruction index now reflects June Ninth Circuit revisions (07/13/19)

Eighth Circuit comment on federal program bribery needs an update (07/18/19)

D.C. Circuit holds that a Rehaif claim is waived by an unconditional guilty plea (07/21/19)

Recent noteworthy Rehaif cases (07/26/19)

New edition of Pattern Jury Instructions for Federal Criminal Cases, District of South Carolina (08/01/19)

First Circuit unofficial criminal instructions now include a Rehaif fix for § 922(g) (and a new instruction for § 922(j)) (08/02/19)

Prisoners with prior § 2255s are barred from raising Rehaif claims in the Eleventh Circuit (08/03/19)

District court clarifies the Rehaif mens rea requirement (08/06/19)

A roundup of recent additions and revisions to state jury (08/08/19)

Foreperson or presiding juror? (08/09/19)

Sixth Circuit updates of its criminal instructions include a Rehaif element for § 922(g) (08/15/19)

Conspiracy 101 (08/21/19)

Mail and wire fraud 101 part one (jurisdictional elements) (08/29/19)

July 2019 amendments to the Third Circuit civil instructions (Chapter 5) (09/03/19)

July 2019 amendments to the Third Circuit civil instructions (Chapter 4) (09/03/19)

July 2019 amendments to the Third Circuit civil instructions (Chapters 7-10) (09/03/19)

2019 amendments to the Eighth Circuit civil instructions (09/06/19)

Mail and wire fraud 101 part 2 (elements in common) (09/10/19)

Ninth Circuit errata (09/11/19)

Previewing Banister v. Davis (09/18/19)

A roundup of recent additions and revisions to state jury instructions (09/20/19)

Obstruction of justice 101 (09/29/19)

Ninth Circuit has posted revisions to its criminal jury instructions (10/01/19)

Willful blindness and Global-Tech (10/06/19)

Federal collateral review of state and federal convictions (10/16/19)

Ninth Circuit revises Criminal Instruction 9.4 (10/20/19)

What would be the retroactive effect if Ramos wins his case? (10/21/19)

Hobbs Act 101 (10/23/19)

Travel Act 101 (10/31/19)

Money Laundering 101 (11/10/19)

A roundup of recent additions and revisions to state jury instructions (11/12/19)

Eighth Circuit publishes a Supplement to its 2017 Manual of Model Criminal Jury Instructions (11/18/19)

Ninth Circuit October 2019 civil instruction revisions (11/19/19)

RICO 101 (11/22/19)

Bribery 101 (12/01/19)

Arguments in Banister set for Wednesday (12/02/19)

Seventh Circuit's proposed Rehaif instruction applies mens rea to other paragraphs of § 922(g) (12/15/19)

Ninth Circuit December 2019 revisions to its Model Criminal Jury Instructions (12/19/19)

A roundup of recent additions and revisions to state jury instructions (12/24/19)

Roundup part two—state instructions on Westlaw (12/25/19)

That's it for the state roundups (12/26/19)

An error in the Fifth Circuit instructions regarding "child pornography"? (01/13/20)

One more note about § 1956(8)(B) (01/17/20)

Ninth Circuit adds a post-discharge instruction and modifies the mens rea element for § 2422(b) (01/18/20)

Seventh Circuit's § 922(g) revisions go official (01/19/20)

Ninth Circuit December 2019 revisions to its Model Civil Jury Instructions (02/07/20)

Fifth Circuit instructions in limbo? (02/15/20)

Seventh Circuit posts revised pattern criminal jury instructions (03/07/20)

Eleventh Circuit posts revised criminal pattern jury instructions (03/10/20)

Eleventh Circuit updates its social media civil instruction (03/11/20)

Does Comcast v. National Association of African American-Owned Media require a "but for" test in employment discrimination cases?

Fifth Circuit posts 2019 edition of its Pattern Criminal Jury Instructions

Supreme Court opines on car stops and age discrimination

Supreme Court rejects non-unanimous jury verdicts in criminal cases

Justices to consider retroactive effect of Ramos

Some reflections after self-publishing on Amazon KDP

A few words about 360 FEDERAL CRIMES

Received my paperback copies of 360 FEDERAL CRIMES

The Kindle version of 360 FEDERAL CRIMES is FREE for the next three days!

An update on the 360 FEDERAL CRIMES promotion

The Supreme Court did the right thing on qualified immunity

Things are quiet here because ...

A Detective's Guide to Interrogation Law

New edition of the Seventh Circuit criminal instructions

The Kindle version of A DETECTIVE'S GUIDE TO INTERROGATION LAW is FREE this week!

Some notes regarding the new 2020 Seventh Circuit criminal instructions

"May 2020" Ninth Circuit revisions to its Manual of Model Civil Jury Instructions

"May 2020" Ninth Circuit revisions to its Manual of Model Criminal Jury Instructions

Fifth Circuit posts 2020 civil instructions

Amazon Advertising—keyword targeting

Amazon Advertising—product targeting

Bribery and money laundering in the news

North Dakota instructions are now freely available on the Internet

The Ninth Circuit has posted revised civil jury instructions

The Ninth Circuit has posted revised criminal jury instructions

The 2020 revision of the unofficial "Ruschky" Fourth Circuit criminal instructions is available

A note about the jury instruction email alerts

Recent state jury instruction changes

Illinois revises its kidnapping instructions

Revised instructions from Vermont and Illinois

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