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Hello world (01/07/19)

The federal jury instruction index is working now (03/08/19)

Stats and broken links (03/09/19)

Sixth Circuit criminal instruction revisions address inferences, Old Chief, drug conspiracies (03/10/19)

Ninth Circuit civil instructions revised to add two new ADA instructions, and update civil rights, copyright, and securities instructions (03/11/19)

Some notes about the federal jury instruction index (03/14/19)

The search boxes (03/15/19)

Ninth Circuit criminal changes include clerical changes to attempt instructions, other minor changes (03/20/19)

Eleventh Circuit revises its adverse employment claims instructions (03/25/19)

Eleventh Circuit focuses on mens rea issues, and adds a new health care fraud instruction (03/26/19)

2019 updates to state jury instructions (03/27/19)

First Circuit unofficial instructions (03/29/19)

Some progress with the search boxes (03/30/19)

Extensive Ninth Circuit criminal revisions include a new position on eyewitness identifications, and adds Brady/Giglio and entrapment by estoppel instructions (04/07/19)

Third Circuit revises its ADA instructions (04/08/19)

Ninth Circuit adds three case notes to its civil instructions (04/09/19)

sitemap xml (04/10/19)

mobile version (04/15/19)

Seventh Circuit "2018" criminal revisions (04/18/19)

What is the potential impact of Rehaif? (04/22/19)

Welcome SCOTUSblog readers (04/23/19)

Beta testing is over; the site goes live today (04/24/19)

Welcome LawSites readers (04/26/19)

What is the potential retroactive effect of Rehaif? (04/26/19)

Arizona Civil Jury Instruction Committee adopts a spoliation instruction (04/27/19)

Florida definition of weapons instruction is under review (04/27/19)

Trialdex gets noted on beSpacific, Stanford Law Library Blog, and the Law Librarian Blog (04/28/19)

First Circuit unofficial criminal revisions (04/29/19)

Triadex gets another SCOTUSBlog roundup link (04/29/19)

Reflections after the first week (05/01/19)

Telfaire instructions (05/04/19)

Food stamp fraud (05/06/19)

Decoding mens rea (05/07/19)

Massachusetts revises its preliminary criminal instructions (05/08/19)

Alaska revises its eminent domain instructions (05/08/19)

Bringing aliens to the United States other than at a designated port of entry (05/13/19)

Alien smuggling crimes (05/15/19)

Transporting illegal aliens—"reckless disregard" (05/17/19)

Harboring illegal aliensa>/ (/ Encouraging illegal entry (05/20/19)

One month in (05/22/19)

Almendarez-Torres and immigration crimes (05/24/19)

Official restraint (05/26/19)

YouTube (05/30/19)

Accomplice liability (06/01/19)

Federal attempt crimes (06/10/19)

Did the Eighth Circuit err in a bankruptcy fraud instruction? (06/12/19)

Special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States (06/19/19)

New and revised civil jury instructions from California (06/20/19)

Government loses in Rehaif; must prove knowledge of status in § 922(g) cases (06/21/19)

Colorado Criminal Reporter's Online Update (06/25/19)

Connecticut adopts an "implicit bias" instruction, and revises payment card instructions (06/25/19)

Michigan defines proximate cause, updates No-Fault First-Party Benefits Action instruction (06/25/19)

Michigan revises criminal child abuse, adds perjury instruction (06/25/19)

Illinois revises three homicide instructions (06/25/19)

Vermont revises its criminal trespass instruction (06/28/19)

New Jersey describes eight recent changes to its civil instructions (06/28/19)

New and revised New York criminal instructions (06/28/19)

The circuit split over the § 2255(e) "saving clause" (07/02/19)

Updated the Rehaif pipeline post (07/04/19)

June revisions to the Ninth Circuit Model Civil Instructions (07/08/19)

June Ninth Circuit revisions to Model Criminal Instructions flag Rehaif issues (07/08/19)

The trialdex federal jury instruction index now reflects June Ninth Circuit revisions (07/13/19)

Eighth Circuit comment on federal program bribery needs an update (07/18/19)

D.C. Circuit holds that a Rehaif claim is waived by an unconditional guilty plea (07/21/19)

Recent noteworthy Rehaif cases (07/26/19)

New edition of Pattern Jury Instructions for Federal Criminal Cases, District of South Carolina (08/01/19)

First Circuit unofficial criminal instructions now include a Rehaif fix for § 922(g) (and a new instruction for § 922(j)) (08/02/19)

Prisoners with prior § 2255s are barred from raising Rehaif claims in the Eleventh Circuit (08/03/19)

District court clarifies the Rehaif mens rea requirement (08/06/19)

A roundup of recent additions and revisions to state jury (08/08/19)

Foreperson or presiding juror? (08/09/19)

Sixth Circuit updates of its criminal instructions include a Rehaif element for § 922(g) (08/15/19)

Conspiracy 101 (08/21/19)

Mail and wire fraud 101 part one (jurisdictional elements) (08/29/19)

July 2019 amendments to the Third Circuit civil instructions (Chapter 5) (09/03/19)

July 2019 amendments to the Third Circuit civil instructions (Chapter 4) (09/03/19)

July 2019 amendments to the Third Circuit civil instructions (Chapters 7-10) (09/03/19)

2019 amendments to the Eighth Circuit civil instructions (09/06/19)

Mail and wire fraud 101 part 2 (elements in common) (09/10/19)

Ninth Circuit errata (09/11/19)

Previewing Banister v. Davis (09/18/19)

A roundup of recent additions and revisions to state jury instructions (09/20/19)

Obstruction of justice 101 (09/29/19)

Ninth Circuit has posted revisions to its criminal jury instructions (10/01/19)

Willful blindness and Global-Tech (10/06/19)

Federal collateral review of state and federal convictions (10/16/19)

Ninth Circuit revises Criminal Instruction 9.4 (10/20/19)

What would be the retroactive effect if Ramos wins his case? (10/21/19)

Hobbs Act 101 (10/23/19)

Travel Act 101 (10/31/19)

Money Laundering 101 (11/10/19)

A roundup of recent additions and revisions to state jury instructions (11/12/19)

Eighth Circuit publishes a Supplement to its 2017 Manual of Model Criminal Jury Instructions (11/18/19)

Ninth Circuit October 2019 civil instruction revisions (11/19/19)

RICO 101 (11/22/19)

Bribery 101 (12/01/19)

Arguments in Banister set for Wednesday (12/02/19)

Seventh Circuit's proposed Rehaif instruction applies mens rea to other paragraphs of § 922(g) (12/15/19)

Ninth Circuit December 2019 revisions to its Model Criminal Jury Instructions (12/19/19)

A roundup of recent additions and revisions to state jury instructions (12/24/19)

Roundup part two—state instructions on Westlaw (12/25/19)

That's it for the state roundups (12/26/19)

An error in the Fifth Circuit instructions regarding "child pornography"? (01/13/20)

One more note about § 1956(8)(B) (01/17/20)

Ninth Circuit adds a post-discharge instruction and modifies the mens rea element for § 2422(b) (01/18/20)

Seventh Circuit's § 922(g) revisions go official (01/19/20)

Ninth Circuit December 2019 revisions to its Model Civil Jury Instructions (02/07/20)

Fifth Circuit instructions in limbo? (02/15/20)

Seventh Circuit posts revised pattern criminal jury instructions (03/07/20)

Eleventh Circuit posts revised criminal pattern jury instructions (03/10/20)

Eleventh Circuit updates its social media civil instruction (03/11/20)

Does Comcast v. National Association of African American-Owned Media require a "but for" test in employment discrimination cases? Fifth Circuit posts 2019 edition of its Pattern Criminal Jury Instructions

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