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federal pattern jury instructions
First Circuit civil (2011-12) and criminal (06/26/18)
Third Circuit civil (10/2018) and criminal (10/2017)
Fourth Circuit criminal (03/13/18)
Fifth Circuit civil (10/20/16) and criminal (2016)
Sixth Circuit criminal (01/2019)
Seventh Circuit civil (08/2017) and  criminal (2017)
Eighth Circuit civil (2018) and criminal (2017)
Ninth Circuit civil (01/2019) and criminal (01/2019)
Tenth Circuit criminal (02/2018)
Eleventh Circuit civil (01/2018) and criminal (09/2017)
FJC criminal (1987)
state pattern jury instructions
Alabama (civil and criminal) | Alaska (civil and criminal)
Arizona (civil and criminal) | Arkansas (civil and criminal)
California (civil and criminal) | Colorado (civil and criminal)
Connecticut (civil and criminal) | Delaware (civil and criminal)
Florida (civil and criminal) | Georgia (civil and criminal on westlaw)
Hawaii (civil and criminal) | Idaho (civil and criminal)
Illinois (civil and criminal) | Indiana (civil and criminal)
Iowa (member login) | Kansas (member login)
Kentucky (civil and criminal on lexis)
Louisiana (civil) (criminal on westlaw) . . . all states
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